50/50 tickets can only be purchased online. In order to play, just click here to visit our online shop. Buy your tickets, tune in to Newfoundland and Labrador Jackpot Bingo every Sunday to see how the 50/50 jackpot is doing, and then keep your fingers crossed on the draw dates when we will draw the winning ticket on live television/live on NTV!


Tickets purchased only count towards the upcoming draw. Sales for the first draw will end 11:59 PM, October 26th, Any tickets purchased after this time will count towards the second 50/50 draw. Ticket sales end 11:59 PM, December 14th. There is a total of 300,000 tickets. If each ticket is sold at its maximum price ($3.33) then there is $500,000 of potential winnings.

Last year we/the Atlantic Star Foundation successfully raised 150,000 dollars for charities within Newfoundland and Labrador through bingo alone. This season, we’re offering 50/50 tickets as another way to win big while donating even more money to local charities!